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Monday, 6 February 2012

Dinner Party

Have you ever planned a dinner party?  My teen age daughter decided to have one just before school started back for the new year.


On the Friday before, my husband broke one of our dinner plates, so we only had 5 left.


Well, that seemed like a good excuse for me to go out and buy some new dishes!  (ok, so I'm not suggesting you buy new dishes whenever you plan a dinner was just a convenient excuse for me!) 

Well, the party went really well...of course I helped out alot.... cooking the pasta, heating the garlic bread, clearing the table...but I really didn't mind, and the girls had a lot of fun, lots of laughs! 

You might like to plan a dinner party too, (sorry, I can't come to do the messy work!) and that is one of the activities in Skills for Around the Home. 

You need to complete 4 activities for this module...some of them may be things you already do, so this may be an easy module to obtain.

Here are some things to do...

Plan a dinner for a group of friends or your family.   You could do a fancy brunch meal, too.  Decide what you will serve and make a grocery list.  Will you have a theme? Some ideas may be:  Ground Hog Day dinner, Full Moon dinner, Snowman Celebration dinner, Mexican theme, Italian theme, Chinese New Year, a favorite movie....what are you thinking of?

Set the table to match the occasion.  Will you the table be formal or informal?  Will the cutlery be at each place, wrapped in a napkin or in a jar on the table? 




Activity #4  covers laundry care.  So I have to admit, I have shrunk several sweaters and other clothes of my daughters' (and own!) over the years.  I don't put any Sweaters in the dryer anymore...too many have come out the size of a newborn!!  If you understand laundry care symbols, this won't happen to you. 

Also you need to know what temperature to wash your clothes in...too hot and your could shrink your favorite sweaters even  before they get in the dryer! 

Try out your sewing skills:

Try making a cloth is a site you might find useful:

House Cleaning

Who likes to do house cleaning?

I don't even want to think about it right now!  I will save it for another post!

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