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Monday, 12 March 2012

Make an Ice Lantern!!

How to Make an Ice Lantern!

During this March might want to get a bit creative!  I know the weather is not too cold, but you can still enjoy an Ice Lantern without snow!

Here are the steps:

First you need a container large enough to hold a candle inside also you will need something to suspend inside the larger container.  I have a milk carton and a plastic container:

Fill the carton with water.  If you want your ice candle to be clear, use distilled water:

I put some marbles in the plastic container so it would be weighted down and not float in the water.  Also, you want it suspended in the water, not touching the sides.  I plan to suspend it with the elastic band:

Here you see the plastic container centered in the water:

After a few days in the freezer....

Here is my candle outside!

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